Hand Lever Dispenser SD1300/SD1350

The dispensers, SD1300/1350/1500, are robust hand lever dispensers for оften daily use in public places.


    The dispensers have a classic, faint stainless steel housings, secured with an additional lock.
    That makes theft considerably more difficult.
    The SD1300 has a filling volume of 650ml, while the SD1350 and SD1500, can be refilled with 1000ml. Compared
    to the SD1350, the SD1500 differs in its slimmer and higher silhouette and a curved front.
     – SD1300: Hand lever dispenser 650ml
    – SD1350: Hand lever dispenser 1000ml
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    SD1300 Hand Lever Dispenser 650ml: 79,00 €, incl.VAT: 94,01 €
    SD1350 Hand Lever Dispenser 1000ml: 79,00 €, incl. VAT: 94,01 €