AirCop II CO2 Monitor SC400


AirCop II, a CO2 meter that provides comprehensive parameters for monitoring indoor air quality, is a versatile instrument.


    Special Features
    The AirCop II is a versatile CO2 meter that helps you monitor indoor air quality with comprehensive parameters.
    The 2.8″ TFT color display shows the temperature and humidity in the room in addition to a CO2 warning light.
    The display is configurable and can optionally issue an acoustic warning signal.
    The AirCop II determines the carbon dioxide content (CO2 in parts per million /ppm) of the room air via an integrated NDIR measuring sensor and also shows this visually on display in the traffic light colors red, yellow, and green.
    The AirCop II thus contributes to reducing corona infections in your premises and reminds you to ventilate in good time.
    Plugin and go
    The AirCop II measures the carbon dioxide (CO2) content in the ambient air via an integrated NDIR measuring sensor.
    The exact value of the CO2 content in the room air is output via the digital display. In addition, a color traffic light classifies the CO2 content into three categories, each of which indicates the need for ventilation. Optionally, an acoustic warning signal can be switched on/off.
    The AirCop II CO2 monitor is ideally suited for classrooms, offices, or other rooms with a high volume of visitors. The device can also be ideally combined with one of our air purifiers. This ensures the highest level of safety in your rooms.
    The start-up of the AirCop II CO2 monitor is very easy. All you have to do is plug the power supply into a socket and the AirCop II starts measuring the CO2 content in the air.
    The powerful CO2 sensor calibrates itself and thus recognizes when fresh air has been supplied. The sensor’s measurement accuracy is +/- 30ppm in a measurement range of 0-5,000ppm. The measurement interval is one second.
    The simple application allows the installation and use of the AirCop II CO2 Monitor even with little technical understanding.
    When do I need to ventilate?
    The intuitive color scheme gives a signal in green, yellow, and red via the display, with gradations for a recommended action to ventilate. In addition to the intuitive color signal, the AirCop II always gives precise information about the CO2 content in the room. This information additionally gives an indication of the speed with which the indoor air quality is changing.
    Technical data
    – Dimensions and weight, length 115mm, height 100mm, depth 55mm, weight approx. 300 grams.
    – Housing material: PC IP protection class IP 30
    – Power supply/connection: Power supply via external, included 5V power supply with microUSB-B connector
    – Optional: rechargeable battery for up to 12 hours battery operation
    – Operating condition 0°C to +60°C, 0% to 100% RH

    Click here to read the AirCop II manual.