AirCop CO2-Light SC300


AirCop is our contribution to the reduction of corona infections by timely ventilation of rooms.


    Special features:

    – Determination of the carbon dioxide content (CO2 in parts per million/ppm) of the room air via integrated NDIR measuring sensor
    – Display system in the traffic light colors red, yellow, and green
    – Easy commissioning with supplied power supply
    – For optimal air quality
    – Can be used anywhere

    When do I need to ventilate?

    The intuitive coloring via the 360° light signal recommends airing in four gradations. The color scheme of the AirCop is based on DIN 1946-6 and the Pettenkofer curve.ppm

    – Green: up to 999ppm
    – Yellow: 1000 ppm until 1999ppm
    – Red: from 2000 ppm
    – Red flashing (optional): over 3000 ppm

    Based on this reference value (CO2 content for fresh air: 400 ppm), the sensor reliably measures the deviation and thus reproduces the CO2 content in the room.

    The light signal is discreet enough not to attract negative attention, but still visible enough to send a clear signal. Due to the 360° radiation, the light signal is clearly visible from all sides and can be placed in different rooms and different places.

    Technical data:

    – Dimensions and weight: diameter 90mm, height 95mm, weight approx. 300g
    – Housing material: PC IP protection class IP 30
    – Power supply/connection: Power supply via externally supplied 5V power supply with micro USB-B plug
    – Optionally with acoustic warning signal: 210€

    Detailed instruction manual: AirCop Manual

    If you have any further questions or need more information, please feel free to request the form above and we will help you as soon as possible.